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Tokyo Campus
September 3, 2012

Summer vacation report on the “Tokyo Soka Junior High School Goya Project”

The “Tokyo Soka Junior High School Goya Project”, which was started last year as part of the school’s efforts to save energy, seems to have successfully made it through summer vacation this year. Students and teachers worked together throughout the summer break and Obon holiday period to tend the goya (bitter melon). They watered the plants every day, pulled weeds, added fertilizer when needed, and harvested the ripened goya. This year we made an amateur attempt to construct a device that helps with the watering. By connecting hoses on the first floor to PVC pipes that reach the second floor, we can now turn on a water faucet on the first floor and send water to the goya plants on the second-floor balcony. Last year the goya plants on the second floor died before they could be harvested, but this year it seems the device we created helped them grow into small, beautiful green curtains, as shown in the pictures below. All in all, we enjoyed quite a bountiful harvest of goya.
This year more teachers have been involved in the running of the “Goya Project”. In addition to goya, we are also growing tomatoes. We will continue our efforts to tend the plants in the new term in order to provide students in the classrooms with a cooler and more comfortable environment for studying and other school activities.