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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
September 21, 2012

Sunday Parents Day and education lecture

The Sunday Parents Day and education lecture sessions were held the morning and afternoon of Sunday, September 16. Although it was the middle day of a three-day weekend, more than 400 parents came out to the kindergarten. We would like to thank all the parents who took part in the event and attended the lectures.

There are many parents who are unable to visit the kindergarten during the week because of work, so by holding the event on a Sunday, we are able to provide them with the opportunity to experience kindergarten life with their children. During the classroom visits, the children and their parents had a great time doing hand games together, in addition to playing with a “giraffe-shaped quoit” they made themselves using milk cartons and plastic bottles. Following the classroom visits, an education lecture was held. First there was a video showing of the highlights from the 37th athletic meet, after which Principal Kakuuchi announced that the kindergarten had received three stuffed pandas from the founder. Following this announcement, Counselor Yoshiaki Hiranuma gave a lecture entitled “Go forth into the future and the world full of smiles!” Many parents stated they were impressed by the ideas this lecture raised. One parent expressed their appreciation for the Founder’s deep attachment to Soka Gakuen, while another spoke of their intention to raise their child to become an active global citizen. Although the day flew by, the parents seemed to have gained a lot from this experience. The kindergarten is deeply grateful to all the parents for their support.
On a final note, we have received a lot of suggestions for the names of the stuffed pandas. It will be interesting to see which names are ultimately selected.

Children and parents working together to make a quoit and ring

Playing hand games together!

Having fun playing with a “giraffe-shaped quoit”!

A big thanks to the founder for the pandas!

Education lecture by Counselor Hiranuma