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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
September 27, 2012

Potato digging excursion

The kindergarten students went on “Potato digging excursion” at the Blue Sky Farm in the Ikeda Nature Square on Thursday, September 20.
The seed potatoes the students planted this spring had grown into fine potatoes over the summer months. The students looked forward to the day on which they would harvest these potatoes with great anticipation. Assisted by members of the Hojukai, the children of the sun were filled with excitement as they dug up potatoes with their bare hands, exclaiming “Look at all the potatoes I dug up!” and “Wow, these look like their full of good stuff!” The students seemed to fully enjoy all the fun of the harvest. They took home all the potatoes they dug up and gave them to their mothers, who used the potatoes to make delicious dishes such as potato salad and curry.

Look at all the potatoes we dug up!

Dirt covered hands!

The ever-helpful members of the Hojukai