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Kansai Campus
September 28, 2012

Kansai Soka Junior High School sports event to commemorate “Day of Passion”

The sports event to commemorate “Day of Passion” was recently held under the gorgeous blue autumn sky. The students were divided into five echelons, and led by the third year students, they battled it out in a variety of games. They put on a tremendous display of teamwork throughout the event, and their robust cheers echoed around the mountains in the Katano area. Each game, including the inter-echelon relay, was a tightly fought contest that had parents sitting on the edge of their seats, cheering on the students and showering them with applause. A collective sense of accomplishment and pride enveloped the ground during the closing ceremony, at which time the founder’s award was presented. The students gave the event a rousing sending off, enthusiastically singing the Kansai Gakuen song, “Kansai Soka Waga Hokori (Pride of Hearts, Kansai Soka)”.