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Kansai Campus
October 2, 2012

Sports event to commemorate “Day of Passion” 2012

This sports event was originally scheduled to be held on the grounds of the Kansai Soka Junior and Senior High Schools on September 30 (Sunday). Unfortunately, the event was postponed due to the typhoon that struck and rescheduled for October 2 (Tuesday). That day we were blessed with beautiful blue autumn skies, and enjoyed a wonderful day of competitive sports on the elementary school grounds. Each grade was divided into three groups: the golden tiger echelon (first class, yellow), fire volcano echelon (second class, red), and ocean whale echelon (third class, blue). The theme of the event was “Ride the lion’s heart to victory! Go for the gold medal of justice and courage!” All the students set their sights on the prize, determined to beat the other echelons. The students in each grade took part in a footrace and a competitive team match, giving their all in both contests. Though each contest went down to the wire, the students of the golden tiger echelon won the final contest of the day, the inter-echelon relay, and were crowned champions. The cheering squads rooted on their fellow teammates with all their might, fighting together in unison. The students truly exhibited the strength of the lion’s heart as they fought to claim the gold medal of courage.