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Tokyo Campus
October 5, 2012

School hosts President Taboada Lopez and other representatives from the National Academy of Sciences of Bolivia

Tokyo Soka Junior and Senior High Schools recently hosted three guests from the National Academy of Sciences of Bolivia, including President Manuel Gonzalo Taboada Lopez and former President Mr. Antonio Saavedra-Munoz, who is the current rector of the University of Aquino Bolivia. The guests were first taken on a tour of the school and shown places such as the Keisetsu Library. After the tour they were treated to a welcome reception in the Glory Hall, which was organized by student representatives from the junior high and senior high schools. During the reception, the sokyoku (Japanese harp) club entertained the guests with a fine performance, after which the Tsubasa (wings) chorus club sang the song “Haha (Mother)”, which they sang for the first time in Spanish and Japanese. Following these performances, one of the student representatives delivered a welcome speech in Spanish. President Taboada Lopez was pleased by the efforts of the students, and delivered the following words of encouragement: “I fully believe that each one of you represents the fruit of the labors made by the founder, who has set a shining example with his wonderful spirit. The tremendous effort of Dr. Ikeda to plant a variety of seeds on this rich soil has truly born excellent fruit. You, the students of this fine institution, are the embodiment of this fruit. I am convinced that your growth holds great importance, both for your nation and the entire world. I pray that you lead mankind along the path of hope to an expansive future full of lasting promise”. President Taboada Lopez had been looking forward to this opportunity to interact with students, and happily responded to their questions from the beginning to the end of the session.