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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
October 5, 2012

Good times at the Sunshine Kids Square

The Prince and Princess Hall and classrooms of the kindergarten were host to the “Sunshine Kids Square”, which was held on September 27 (Thursday) and 28 (Friday).
This was the second “Sunshine Kids Square” of the year, and a wide variety of booths were set up throughout the kindergarten, providing students with a selection of fun activities and games. The Sakura (cherry blossom) class was transformed into the “fishing corner”, and a number of intense battles were played out in the “sumo corner” in the Sumire (violet) class. Likewise, a “sewing corner” was set up in the Bara (rose) and Hoshi (star) classes, while the Yuki (snow) and Himawari (sunflower) classes were home to a “handicraft corner”. Other fun booths were set up in the Prince and Princess Hall, such as the “bowling corner”, “shooting corner”, and “race circuit corner”.
When the announcement was given to mark the start of event, the children of the sun all rushed out of their classrooms. The lively voices of the children reverberated across the halls of the kindergarten throughout the entire event.
The “Sunshine Kids Square” held in the first term featured some different booths, such as a “bubble blowing corner” and a “goldfish scooping corner” which were set up on the grounds outside, as well as a “haunted house” and “drawing corner” inside the kindergarten. The teachers designed corners that appeal to the children’s interests and help foster their growth. They worked together with the parents to set up and run the booths during the event.
Thanks to the help of the many parents that volunteered, the second “Sunshine Kids Square” of the year passed without incident. The kindergarten would like to express its appreciation to all the parents who helped organize this event.

Using knitting wool to sew their favorite cartoon character

Fishing for an octopus or squid!

Race circuit corner in the Prince and Princess Hall

An intense match in the sumo corner