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Tokyo Campus
October 27, 2012

Career guidance

Graduates of Soka Gakuen, Soka University of Japan, and Soka University of America that are currently active in the work force came to school to offer students advice on future career choices. This year 55 graduates spoke to students about a wide range of fields, such as public service, justice, education, medicine, research, international business, aviation, industry, and mass media. A total of 34 guidance booths were set up, and each student chose two sessions to attend. The graduates at the different booths told students about all the hard work they did during high school and college, and discussed the challenges they currently face at the workplace. In the afternoon, the students were given the opportunity to speak with graduates one-on-one. This event proved to be an informative and valuable experience for the students that participated. The school sincerely thanks the graduates who took time out of their busy schedules to come back to their alma mater and offer advice to students following in their footsteps.