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Tokyo Campus
October 27, 2012

Baseball club finishes in the top four at the Autumn High School Tokyo Baseball Tournament

This year the Soka Senior High School baseball club made it to the semifinals of the Autumn High School Tokyo Baseball Tournament held at Jingu Secondary Stadium. There we faced Waseda Jitsugyo High School, known for always fielding strong teams. The players gave their all, but unfortunately lost 11-5. The game started well for Soka, and we pulled off a stunning double steal in the first inning to take the lead early on. However, we surrendered a series of hits in the bottom of the fifth, and combined with the error in the field, allowed Waseda Jitsugyo to run up the score and take the lead. Despite falling behind, the team’s never-give-up attitude earned well-deserved applause from fans in the stands. We really appreciate all the fans that came to support us throughout the tournament. The team is determined to build on this experience and work hard during this fall and winter to secure a ticket to the national summer tournament at Koshien. We hope to see you all in the stands next season!