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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
November 9, 2012

Children plant tulip bulbs

The children of the sun went to the Ikeda Nature Square on October 25 (Thursday) and planted tulip bulbs at the Blue Sky Farm.
The junior class students walked hand in hand with the senior class students on their way to farm, where they had harvested potatoes earlier in the year. When they arrived at the farm, they each received a tulip bulb from the teacher. They listened attentively to the teacher’s instructions and gently buried their bulbs in the soil.
The teacher told the children that by the time the tulips burst into bloom next spring, the senior class students will be in elementary school, while the junior class students will be in the senior class. When they heard this, some senior class students asked their friends in the junior class to remember them and take care of the blooming tulips next year. As we look forward to the blossoming of the flowers in the spring, we hope the students will grow as big and tall as the tulips they planted.

“Plant the bulb with the pointed side facing up”

“Those of you in the senior class will be in elementary school by the time these tulips bloom”

Children gently covering the bulbs with a blanket of soil

Children hoping to see beautiful flowers next year

Beautiful colored leaves around the kindergarten building