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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
November 21, 2012

Wisdom Day Commemorative Gathering

The “Wisdom Day Commemorative Gathering” was held on November 17 (Saturday) to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Soka Gakuen.
At the beginning of the gathering four senior class representatives took turns speaking about what they worked hard to achieve during “Wisdom Day Smile Week”. After the senior students were finished speaking, the junior class students splendidly recited the last part of the message given by the founder at the previous entrance ceremony. Following the recitation of this message, the senior class students gave a hearty rendition of “Taiheiyo ni Kakeru Niji (Rainbow Across the Pacific)”. When they were finished singing, the principal of the kindergarten delivered a long message from the founder and introduced the guidelines for graduation he had established. The principal then announced that the founder had prepared special cakes and snacks in commemoration of Wisdom Day. Once again this year, the kind couple living in Hakodate graciously sent us a giant kelp. The presentation of this massive kelp, which was over seven meters long, elicited a round of cheers from the children. After seeing the giant kelp, the children watched a video performance of the dance club from the Kansai Soka Senior High School. To close out the gathering, everyone joined together to sing the kindergarten song, “Tsuyoku Tadashiku Nobinobito (Be Strong, Just and Free)”.
At this year’s gathering we celebrated the 45th anniversary of Soka Gakuen together with friends from our sister schools around the world, who sent us congratulatory messages. Following the gathering, the children of the sun were all smiles as they sat in their classrooms enjoying the delicious cakes prepared by the founder.

Presentation by senior class representatives

Performance of “Taiheiyo ni Kakeru Niji” with sign language choreography

Thanking the couple from Hakodate for the giant kelp

Thanking the couple from Hakodate for the giant kelp

Anniversary cakes made by junior class students