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Tokyo Campus
November 23, 2012

Soka Gakuen Friendship Meeting

The “Soka Gakuen Friendship Meeting” was held on November 23 (Friday) at the Soka Gakuen Ikeda Auditorium. A large number of fourth year, fifth year, and sixth year elementary students visited the school with their parents to take part in the morning session. The school appreciates all the visitors who took time out of their busy schedules to attend the friendship meeting.
Prior to the start of the meeting, a video of highlights from the recent “Chorus Festival” was shown, providing guests with an opportunity to hear the crisp and clear voices of the junior high school students. A student representative started the meeting by greeting the visitors, after which the junior high school sokyoku (Japanese harp) club, brass band club, and Tsubasa (wing) chorus club gave rousing performances to welcome the guests. The boy’s dance club from Tokyo Soka Senior High School was also on hand to give a special performance. Following the musical performances, a DVD digest specially prepared for the friendship meeting was shown. This DVD contained excerpts from the “Calligraphy Performance”, “Day of Glory”, and the “Chorus Festival”. When the DVD played the beloved song of Soka Gakuen, “Makeji damashii kokoni ari (Our never-give-up spirit)”, all the club members that had given welcome performances joined together with the elementary students and parents in attendance to sing the song. Principal Katagiri and Director-General Hasegawa closed out the meeting, with each taking turns to address all who had come to the school.
Following the meeting, a DVD of the entrance examination briefing held in October was shown to highlight the four subjects that will appear on the exam. Special consultation tables related to each subject were also set up, as well as fun tables where visitors could meet and speak with Soka students. Soka Gakuen received a lot of positive feedback from the elementary students and parents that came. “This was my first visit to Soka Gakuen”, one elementary student stated, “and seeing all the lively students strengthened my desire to attend this school”. Another participant commented on how much they enjoyed the performances given by the students, claiming that “the initial greeting, welcome performances, singing, and dancing were all really wonderful”. Other visitors shared the same sentiment, with one saying, “I was deeply moved when everyone joined together to sing ‘Makeji damashii kokoni ari (Our never-give-up spirit)’, the beloved Gakuen favorite”. Later that afternoon a second friendship meeting was also held for junior high school students.

Welcome performance by the sokyoku club

Special performance by the boy’s dance club from Tokyo Soka Senior High School

Welcome performance by the brass band club

Welcome performance by the Tsubasa chorus club

Singing “Makeji damashii kokoni ari” together

Representatives from the student body saying goodbye to the visitors

Meeting with Soka students

Consultation tables for the different entrance exam subjects