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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
December 11, 2012

Winter traffic safety classy

The kindergarten invited traffic safety instructors from Toyohira-ku to conduct a winter traffic safety class on December 11 (Tuesday). The instructors entertained the children with an educational panel theater show and paper-puppet play which portrayed how to safely cross snow-covered streets.
December marks the start of the season for playing in the snow, and the Nakayoshi Ground is now covered in a blanket of white. The long winter vacation is just around the corner. We hope all the children enjoy a safe winter holiday and remember to observe the traffic rules to avoid traffic accidents.
In addition, we deeply apologize for the extensive delays in the school bus service caused by the snowy conditions on the roads. The kindergarten humbly asks parents for their understanding and cooperation as we work to ensure there are no accidents during the remainder of the second term.

Stay away from snow blowers

"Ninja" skills for confirming safety

Reviewing rules to be observed when walking in the snow

Panel theater show introducing heavy vehicles