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Tokyo Campus
December 13, 2012

Senior High School Bridge Program

The "Senior High School Bridge Program", an event aimed at third year junior high school students getting ready to enter senior high school, was held on December 13 (Thursday). Following the general meeting at the Ikeda Auditorium, each class visited a different classroom of the senior high school, where they sat demo lessons in "English" and "mathematics" given by senior high school teachers. The junior high school students were amazed by the methods high school teachers used and how fast the lessons moved. During the demo lessons, the students were also told about issues they needed to address before entering senior high school.
The program proved to be a valuable experience for all the students who took part. When asked about the program, one student said, "The demo class gave me a clear idea of what I need to do to prepare for high school". Another student commented that they "felt it was important to review the things learned at the junior high school". The school also received comments from students saying how much they "enjoyed the class" and how much they are "looking forward to high school life". One student described how deeply impressed they were by the program, saying: "This experience reminded me that the most important thing is to listen attentively to the teacher and never skip class."