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Kansai Campus
November 14, 2012

Give Thanks Gathering

The school recently held the "Give Thanks Gathering" to close out the calendar year. Just as was done last year, the gathering was split into two parts. In the first part, pairs of first and sixth year students gathered together with second year students in the lunch room on the second floor to participate in the mochitsuki (rice pounding) ceremony. After cheerfully singing the mochitsuki song, the students took turns pounding the rice, with the first year and sixth year pairs going first, followed by the second year students. The students threw themselves wholeheartedly into the task, chanting "Yoisho! Yoisho! (Yo-ho! Yo-ho!)" together as they pounded the rice.
The second part of the event consisted of a school-wide assembly conducted via TV. The assembly kicked off with an opening message from the students of the "Give Thanks Gathering" committee, after which all the students put their hearts into singing the "Thank-you Song" together.
The students gave cards of appreciation to those who had helped them out and expressed their gratitude for all they had done during the year. The children thanked all the people that helped to make their school life enjoyable, such as the school cooks, custodians, administrative staff, and crossing guards. They then pledged to put forth their best effort and make next year at school just as fun.
The final part of the gathering was story time, in which the children learned about boyhood of the founder through a reading of the book "Zakuro no Uta (Ode to the Pomegranate)". Principal Ito concluded the gathering by delivering the following message: "We must value each and every day, never forgetting to show our gratitude to those who help make our school life enjoyable. I encourage all of you to put the teachings of the founder into practice and strive to become Soka students capable of expressing love to your parents. Strengthen your heart and mind, and become a leader that always looks to help people in distress".
All the students promised each other to keep this sense of gratitude in mind as they see out the end of the year, and to prepare to greet the new year with hearts full of joy.