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Tokyo Campus
December 22, 2012

Second term closing ceremony

The second term closing ceremony was held at the elementary school gymnasium.

Mr. Shirokawa, the principal of Tokyo Soka Gakuen, started the ceremony with a round of opening remarks. Next, third year student representatives delivered a message from the representatives of the younger classes. They cheerfully described what they worked hard to accomplish during school events and in class, and were loudly applauded for all their efforts.

Later on awards were presented to the students. Those who did well in the poster contest, as well as those who always remembered to brush their teeth, were given a special award. The giant kelp sent from Sapporo Soka Kindergarten was also introduced, with many children gleefully marveling at its size.

Lastly, Mr. Taniguchi, the principal of the elementary school, praised the children for the incredible growth they had shown through the many events held over the course of the second term. He reflected fondly on the past four months, during which the students received the full blessings of the founder’s devotion.

The school hopes that children come back fully refreshed and ready for the third term. We look forward to hearing their resolutions for the new year at the opening ceremony.