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Tokyo Campus
December 24, 2012

2012 Soka Gakuen Music Festival

The 2012 Soka Gakuen Music Festival was held at the Ikeda Auditorium to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Soka Gakuen. The theme of this music festival, which was the 13th in Soka Gakuen’s history, was "Reverberate! Our Soka Sound! 2012!" The festival kicked off with a perfectly-harmonized rendition of the "Quartet for Japanese Harps", performed by the saka-sokyoku (Japanese harp played during the tea ceremony) club from the senior high school. Following this beautiful performance, the Florence choir from the elementary school cheerfully sang the song "Treasure Hunting Voyage". Next, the sokyoku club from the junior high school gave a heartfelt performance of "Capriccio", the piece which won them the "Top Prize" at the East Japan Music Competition. After the sokyoku club was finished, the string ensemble from the senior high school filled the auditorium with the warm and mellow sound of Pachelbel's "Canon", while the Paris brass band from the elementary school upped the tempo with rousing renditions of "Let’s swing!!" and "El Cumbanchero" that had everyone tapping their feet. The fantastic performances of all the students were showered with thunderous applause from the audience.
Later, the junior high school Tsubasa (wing) chorus club gave an emotional performance of "Shinjiru (Believe)". This touching piece was followed by the lively "Xylophone of the Magic" and concert march "The Spinner Dolphins", both of which the junior high school brass band club played with a lot of zest and bounce. Following these performances, the senior high school Tsubasa chorus club came together in beautiful harmony to sing "Tsubasa wo Kudasai (Give Me Wings)", the song from which the club derived its name 35 years ago, and "March Toward the 21st Century". Next, the senior high school brass band club gave stirring and fresh renditions of the works "Paso Doble" and "Japanese Graffiti", both of which were accompanied by hand bells. After all the club performances were finished, the senior high school brass band club and saka-sokyoku club, junior and senior high school Tsubasa chorus clubs, and the senior high string ensemble all came together to express their thanks and perform the school song "Kusaki wa Moyuru (The Trees and Grass Are Blooming)", which was specially arranged for mixed voices to be sung at this festival. The event concluded with all the participants joined together with voices of gratitude and resolve to sing the "Gakuen Ode to Joy". Soka Gakuen received a lot of positive comments from the guests who attended the festival, which included the mayors from the five neighboring cities. One guest stated: "I was really impressed by the students' singing. Their performances were really touching". Each club will work harder to further hone their skills and attitudes in preparation for next year’s festival. We are deeply grateful for all who attended the festival.