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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
December 27, 2012

Education lecture and visit to Kosaka Hospital

The third education lecture of this year was held on December 18 (Tuesday) at the Prince and Princess Hall. Prior to the lecture, there was a video of highlights from the 37th Children’s Festival. Following the video, the teachers gave demonstrations of hand games that the parents and children could enjoy together over the winter break. Next up was Principal Kakuuchi, who gave a lecture called "Smile-filled Child Rearing—Important Things for Children to Learn during the Preschool Years". We received a lot of positive feedback about the lecture from the parents. One parent commented: "This was my first time to sit through this education lecture series, and I learned a lot". Another parent said: "This lecture was very insightful, and gave me an opportunity to think about how I raise my child". The kindergarten deeply appreciates all the parents who took time out of their busy schedules to come attend the lecture on such a cold winter's day.

On December 20 (Thursday), a group of senior class students visited nearby Kosaka Hospital. A class representative started the gathering by delivering a heart greeting, after which the children entertained the elderly with a number of performances. This year the girls put on a short play, while the boys did group gymnastics. Next, the boys and girls gave musical performance with hand bells, after which everyone joined together to sing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer". At the end of the visit the children gave the elderly and hospital staff bookmarks that were made by the children in the senior class students. As the part of the present exchange, the children were given picture books, which they were extremely grateful to receive. The elderly were all smiles throughout the entire visit, with some even cry tears of joy as they told the children how adorable they looked. The children of the sun offered words of encouragement to the elderly, saying "we wish you a long and healthy life". All in all, the visit provided the children and elderly with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy heartfelt time together.

Thanks to all the support of the parents, we are happy to announce there were no accidents during the second term. We humbly ask for your continued support in the third term. The kindergarten hopes all the children enjoy a fun and meaningful winter break.

Lecture by the Principal

Hand game demonstration

Cheerful "girl fighters"

Boys’ group gymnastics performance

Adorable play

Playing hand bells

Giving gifts and wishing the elderly "a long and healthy life"

Commemorative photo