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Kansai Campus
February 20, 2017

School holds "Founder's Cup English Recitation Contest"

Kansai Soka Junior High School held the "Founder's Cup English Recitation Contest" on February 18. In this traditional event, all the students recite the English sentences that are assigned to each grade. The students participate in the preliminaries in each class, and then the students that survive the class preliminaries move on to the preliminaries in each grade. After these preliminaries, 18 qualifiers engage in a high-level English recitation in the final round. The following stories were assigned to each grade for recitation: Alice and Humpty Dumpty for the first-year students, A Pot of Poison for the second-year students, and I Have a Dream and Jimmy Valentine for the third-year students. Each participant studied the assignment carefully and gave a great performance by digging into their own well of creativity. The panel of judges was extremely impressed by the English skills of the Soka students, who will eventually play an important role on the international stage. This year's prize winners were as follows.
Founder's Prize: Mr. Yushun Haga (second-year student)
Excellence Award: Ms. Nanami Kono (first-year student), Ms. Hikaru Hashimoto (first-year student), Mr. Yuma Yagi (second-year student), Mr. Kento Hirotani (third-year student), and Mr. Shin Higuchi (third-year student)
Merit Award: Mr. Tomoki Onodera (first-year student), Ms. Hazuki Maruno (first-year student), Mr. Ruki Kimura (first-year student), Ms. Haruna Takasago (first-year student), Ms. Sanami Kamamoto (second-year student), Mr. Ren Nakagome (second-year student), Mr. Soma Kitani (second-year student), Ms. Hijiri Kadota (second-year student), Ms. Aoi Nakajima (third-year student), Ms. Rina Sasai (third-year student), Ms. Maya Kerry Jasmine (third-year student), and Ms. Momoka Tamura (third-year student)

Mr. Haga receiving the Founder's Prize

Commemorative photo of the prize-winners