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Kansai Campus
February 20, 2017

School invites a winner of the Edogawa Rampo Prize for a cultural lecture

The third cultural lecture of the year was held on February 18. This time, the school invited Mr. Ren Kaburagi as the lecturer, who received the 52nd Edogawa Rampo Prize, a Japanese literary award, in 2006. The lecture's title was "The Fun of Mystery and the Power of Storytelling."
During the first part of the cultural lecture, the students that were elected to be a grade representative at the last Biblio-Battle introduced the book that won the championship title for each grade. First-year student representative Aki Matoba selected the book titled, Satsujin no Mon (Gate of Murder), second-year student representative Shinichi Hamasato selected Mienai Kusari (Invisible Chain) and third-year student representative Naoko Kishimoto selected Kimi no Suizo wo Tabetai (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas). Each student made a superb presentation in five minutes and conveyed the appeal of their chosen book.
As the second part of the lecture, Mr. Kaburagi talked about a variety of topics, including his experience that led him to become a writer, the joys and hardships as a writer, the charm of reading, and literary work by the founder. He delivered a heartfelt message to the junior high school students by saying, "I've been engaged in writing with a desire to write about human beings, rather than to write what I want to write." The school received a lot of feedback from the students. Many students commented, "This extraordinary lecture by a real writer was very informative. I was motivated to read more."
After school hours, a meeting with Mr. Kaburagi was held for students willing to take part. He carefully answered each and every question from the participants, such as "When I try to write a story, I get writer’s block. How can I mitigate this?"; "I can describe a scene, but it's hard to describe emotion. How can I improve on this?"; and "I can write a story in the first person, but cannot write in the third person. What should I do?" Mr. Kaburagi expressed his high expectations for Soka students and encouraged the students by stating, "Let's walk the road to value creation together." The meeting was concluded with a great success.

Mr. Ren Kaburagi giving a lecture

A student introducing a book written by Mr. Kaburagi during the Biblio-Battle