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Tokyo Campus
February 23, 2017

SGH: Sixth school-wide GCP event

On Saturday, February 18, the sixth school-wide GCP event was held. The GCP (Global Citizenship Project) is one of the efforts being undertaken as an SGH (Super Global High School).
The event started with a poster session at the gymnasium. During the session, all the third-year students relayed to the first- and second-year students what they had worked on as a final project according to the study theme they had selected themselves from various global issues. Some students even made a presentation in English, and the session was successfully concluded with much enthusiasm. This was also a great opportunity for the first- and second-year students to decide on what issue they will study.
Following the session, the second- and the first-year students went back to each classroom, and the second-year students held a debate on friendship as an immediate illustration of a human rights issue, while the first-year students discussed the topic of "Educational assistance for developing countries." They learned the importance of developing their thinking process by expressing their opinions and having discussions with classmates about the issues of human rights and development.