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Tokyo Campus
February 25, 2017

Spring school day for the new first-year students and a parents’ meeting

On Saturday, February 25, the school held a spring school day for the new first-year students that passed the entrance exam and that will enter the school this April (the glorious 50th student class to enter the school). This school day's concept was focused on ensuring the safety and security of the new students that will commute by train or bicycle for the first time and on developing friendships among those in the 50th student class. The school day kicked off with a general meeting as the new students gathered at the library, apart from their parents. They looked a little nervous during this first meeting. Following the meeting, the new students were divided into three tentative classes and moved to each classroom. Shortly thereafter, they opened up to each other as they introduced themselves by playing games together. They then listened to the explanation on the assignment for the upcoming spring break, and by the end of the day, when they went back to their parents who had waited at the Glory Lunchroom, the participating students were all smiles chatting with their new friends, which represented how meaningful this school day had been for them.
In the meantime, a meeting for the new student parents was held on the same day. During the meeting, a brief explanation on the Parents Handbook and how to use the emergency contact system was given, followed with instructions from the school nurse's office and the principal's remarks on the education system of Tokyo Soka Junior High School.