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Tokyo Campus
May 26, 2017

Students transplant seedlings of "Dokonjo Himawari"

In Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, following the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, a signboard reading, "Ganbaro, Ishinomaki!" ("Hang in there, Ishinomaki!") was set up. Also, sunflowers that came to bloom after the disaster were situated beside the signboard, the seeds for which had been carried by the tsunami. These sunflowers were named "Dokonjo Himawari" ("Gutsy Sunflowers").
Seeds from these sunflowers were given to Tokyo Soka Junior High School, and every year, students plant the seeds and transplant the seedlings. Watering is also performed by the students via a system in which watering duties pass to each student as per a certain order. Every summer, the big Dokonjo Himawari are enjoyed on campus.
This year again, second-year students began planting the seeds of the seventh generation of Dokonjo Himawari on April 28. Their seedlings grew big, and on May 15, each class began transplanting the seedlings into the "Dokonjo Field." This year, the seedlings seem to be growing stronger than usual. The big Dokonjo Himawari, reaching a length of three meters, will be in full bloom around the school this summer. The school would like to support the students, who water the sunflowers every morning and evening and who carefully tend to them, making this sunflower project a massive success.