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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
June 1, 2017

Securing children’s safety: School bus evacuation drill for teachers and staff

Instructors from Clover Kanko, the company that operates our school buses, recently came to the kindergarten to conduct a school bus evacuation drill for all teachers, staff, and bus drivers. The drill featured simulations of emergency situations, such as the occurrence of an accident while children are on the school bus, as well as hands-on training and a workshop.
Participants first learned how to secure evacuation routes on both large-sized and mid-sized buses. They then took part in a workshop to review the procedure for contacting relevant persons when an accident occurs and how to safely evacuate the children.
Following the workshop, the participants also received hands-on training on how to deal with vomited matter while children are on the bus. They confirmed ways of handling vomited matter as well as collaborative action with the kindergarten for any child suffering from vomiting.
The participants engaged in lively discussion throughout the drill, with everyone agreeing that the highest priority was the children's safety.

Workshop on the opening and closing of the emergency door and how to evacuate children

Participants confirming methods of handling vomited matter while children are on the bus