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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
June 19, 2017

Planting seed potatoes at Blue Sky Farm

The children planted seed potatoes at Blue Sky Farm on Tuesday, June 6.
At each class, the "children of the sun" watched "The Adventure of a Seed Potato - A Seed Potato Going to the Potato Patch," which is an original picture-card show made by the kindergarten, before going to Blue Sky Farm.
The five- and four-year-old students walked hand-in-hand to the farm, while the two classes of the three-year-old children went together as well.
At the farm, the children listened attentively to the instructions on how to plant seed potatoes, and then each received a seed potato and planted it on the ridge.
Watched over by the members of the Hojukai, who annually help out at the farm, the children gently covered their seed potatoes with a blanket of soil, and then relayed formal wishes by "casting a spell," so as to help the seed potatoes grow big.

The kindergarten is very grateful to the members of the Hojukai, who always help pull weeds for the kindergarten and who help take care of the farm.
The children are really looking forward to harvesting potatoes this fall.

Children from the three-year-old student classes listening attentively and planting seed potatoes

Children from the four- and five-year-old student classes planting seed potatoes on the ridge