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Tokyo Campus
June 22, 2017

Second-year students experiencing life in the workplace at KidZania

Second-year students from Tokyo Soka Junior High School (the 49th student class to have entered the school) had the opportunity to experience the working world in English at KidZania Tokyo, on June 14. At KidZania, there are approximately 90 jobs that visitors can try out, and nearly half of them can be done in English. For six hours from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., the students engaged in the jobs of their choice, and then participated in the events using the original remuneration that they received for working. The students spent a fun time from start to finish. They felt pleasure in being able to communicate with each other in English, while sometimes using gesturing. While some students look puzzled at first, all the students eventually became active and tried a variety of jobs, including: physician, lawyer, trader, pilot, cabin crew, hamburger shop sales staff, police officer, security guard, Shiseido sales staff, and cartoonist.