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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
June 30, 2017

42nd athletic meet

The 42nd athletic meet was held at Nakayoshi Grounds on Saturday, June 24. This year's theme was "Energetic children of the sun, hold out to the last!"
As it started drizzling in the middle of the athletic meet, unfortunately, some of the planned events were canceled, which might have been cause for concern by the parents. However, the "children of the sun" lively engaged in a variety of events and dances, right to the last minute, and this year's athletic meet was successfully concluded without incident.
The opening ceremony began with the children earnestly entering the grounds led by the kindergarten flag and class flags. Representatives from the five-year-old student classes then energetically made a pledge for fair play, and all the students performed "children of the sun" gymnastics. The three-year-old students took part in a foot race and a dance performance. While this was their first athletic meet, they cheerfully enjoyed each event. The four-year-old children also cheerfully enjoyed a foot race, a dance, and a giant ball roll. In the meantime, the five-year-old students actively participated in a foot race, an exciting tug-of-war match, an interclass relay by representatives, the recitation of the message that was given by the founder at the 42nd entrance ceremony, a group gymnastics performance, and a dance. Their performance perfectly embodied the theme of this athletic meet.
In addition to the students, a lot of other people, including kids belonging to Niko Niko Hiroba (Smile Square), children younger than kindergarten age, and graduates, took part in the athletic events. The kindergarten is grateful for such a large turnout.
During the closing ceremony, each student received a commemorative gold medal. The eyes of each of the "children of the sun" sparkled—much like the gold medal on their chest.

The kindergarten would again like to thank all the parents for their heartfelt cheering and support until the very end.

Foot race for the three-year-old children: "Get set! Go!"

Dance for the four-year-old children: "Soka Boogie Woogie"

Group gymnastics performance for the five-year-old children: "Energetic children of the sun, hold out to the last!"

Giant ball roll for the four-year-old children: "Get a hustle on the giant ball roll"

Interclass gender-mixed relay for the five-year-old children

Four- and five-year-old children participating in the closing ceremony