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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
July 19, 2017

Good times at Sunshine Kids Square

Prince and Princess Hall, Smile Road, and all the classrooms of the kindergarten played host to the "Sunshine Kids Square" on July 13 (Thursday) through 14 (Friday).
Many different booths were set up throughout the kindergarten, providing students with a selection of fun activities and games. The classrooms were transformed into a "Building Block Corner," "Accessory Design Corner," "Wristwatch Design Corner," and "Eyeglass Design Corner." On the Smile Road, the children had fun trying a "Toy Goldfish Scoop Corner," while at Prince and Princess Hall, they enjoyed Japanese street-fair-style games such as "Ring Toss Corner," "Target Game Corner," "Toy Shooting Corner," "Bowling Corner," and "Soccer Corner."

There were children that proudly showed their teachers the paper wristwatch they made, while others intended to give their mothers the cute little rings they made. Some children were also delighted to get full marks in the target game. All the students had a blast at their favorite corners. The lively voices of the children reverberated across the halls of the kindergarten throughout the entire event.

The kindergarten would like to express its appreciation to all the parents that helped organize this event.

Children making cool paper eyeglasses

Children making cute accessories such as a ring

Target Game Corner

Ring Toss Corner

"Goldfish scooping is fun!"