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Tokyo Campus
August 24, 2017

Science Summer School at the Soka University of Japan

The Science Summer School was held at the Faculty of Science and Engineering of the Soka University of Japan over the course of three days from August 22. This year, 70 student representatives from Tokyo Soka Gakuen and Kansai Soka Gakuen participated in the seminar. They were able to experience the use of technical laboratory equipment and devices, which are not normally easily to see. The participants also engaged in a variety of experiments and laboratory works in the courses for mathematics, information, biology, and chemistry. The students in their second year of junior high school through those in their first year in senior high school rose to the challenges and enjoyed difficult tasks while cooperating with each other.
One of the participants commented, "I had a wonderful learning experience, one where 'The more I know, the more I question.'" Another student stated, "I became interested in the math and science courses, and I was able to develop my thinking power and expand my vision."