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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
September 5, 2017

Kindergarten hosts students from the Soka University of Japan

The kindergarten students had a lot of fun hosting 35 male and female students from the Soka University of Japan on August 31 (Thursday) and September 1 (Friday).
On the first day, a general reception was held at the Prince and Princess Hall. Representatives from the four-year-old student classes started the meeting by giving a welcome speech, which was followed by a short play that involved all the kids in the four-year-old student classes. After the play, the five-year-old students from Sumire Class (Violet Class) put on a great play and a group gymnastics performance. The university students responded in turn by giving an original play performance to convey the importance of "marvelous words," as was mentioned by the founder in his message delivered at the entrance ceremony. Before closing, all the children and the university students cheerfully sang the kindergarten song, Tsuyoku Tadashiku Nobinobito ("Be Strong, Righteous, and Free").
On the second day, the university students were divided into small groups and spent time interacting with children in each class. The children were extremely delighted to watch plays by the university students in the classroom, and were excited to receive the pretty little dolls and place mats that the university students had wholeheartedly made themselves.
Also, the children had a wonderful time riding on the school bus with the university students, eating lunch together, and playing in the water. The two fun-filled days flew by, and during the goodbye party, the teary-eyed children were sad to see the university students go, many of whom were also sad to leave.
All the children at the kindergarten are grateful and endeared to the university students for the wonderful, golden memories.

Welcome play by the four-year-old children

Welcome play and group gymnastics performance by the five-year-old children

Children and university students cheerfully playing under the blue sky

Children and university students having fun playing in the water