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Kansai Campus
September 18, 2017

School holds GRIT, featuring a human rights seminar by lawyers, with other lectures

On Saturday, September 16, the students participated in GRIT ("Global Research and Inquiry Time"), in which each grade attended a designated lecture, such as on career guidance, along with a seminar on human rights, given by a few lawyers.
For the first-year students, four professors from the Soka University of Japan provided a briefing session on the university and talked about the many attractive features of the university and the differences between the humanities course and the science course.
For the second-year students, nine lawyers and two legal apprentices, some of whom were also Soka graduates, held a seminar on human rights in each classroom.
The third-year students attended the second academic writing lecture by Assistant Professor Hiroko Kihara from the Soka University of Japan, in preparation for writing a thesis to conclude the GRIT event. The students actively participated in the lecture, in which they were divided into small groups, with each group making a presentation on writing skills.
That afternoon, a briefing session on Soka Women's College was also held.
For details on the GRIT lectures for the second- and third-year students, please see This Week's SGH.