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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
October 13, 2017

Autumn athletic meet for commemorating the "Day of Passion"

On Tuesday, October 3, the kindergarten held an autumn athletic meet at Nakayoshi Ground to commemorate Soka Gakuen's 50th anniversary.
At the opening ceremony, the principal delivered a message from the founder. In his message, Dr. Ikeda told the students to keep the phrase "Never give up!" in mind and to always persevere and to always smile.

The meet kicked off with the children performing "Children of the Sun Gymnastics," and the three-year-old student classes took part in a "BANBAN Race" (a foot race). The four-year-old student classes then participated in "Ganbare! Tsunahiki" (a tug-of-war match), and all the children competed in the race, "Minna de chikara wo awase yo!", carrying a big artificial worm. In addition, the five-year-old students took part in "Takusan ireru zo Ei-Ei-Oh!" (balls-in-the-basket match), while the four-year-old children competed in "Duck and Dash!" (an obstacle race). To close out the events, an interclass relay race for the five-year-old student classes was held. All the students competed with all their strength in each race.
During the closing ceremony, the children admired each other's hard work, saying "Victory!"

In the meantime, during the "Victory Fortnight for the Day of Passion" from September 26 to October 10, the children learned more about the spirit of never giving up and appreciated the greatness of unifying the hearts of classmates, in accordance with this year's theme, "Children of the Sun: Try anything and never give up!"
While the children went home, a big rainbow spanned the sky over Sapporo, which looked like it could have been praising the children's efforts.

"BANBAN Race" for the three-year-old children

"Ganbare! Tsunahiki" for the four-year-old children

Interclass relay race for the five-year-old children

"Takusan ireru zo Ei-Ei-Oh!" for the five-year-old children

All the children striking a victory pose (closing ceremony)

"Minna de chikara wo awase yo!" for all the children

Student representatives making a speech (opening ceremony)

A vivid rainbow crossing over the kindergarten building