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Tokyo Campus
November 9, 2017

Prof. Chen from University of California School of Nursing visits the school

Prof. Angel Chen from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) School of Nursing visited the school on the afternoon of November 9 (Thursday). She looked around the Keisetsu Library and the dining hall, and then took part in a meeting with approximately 50 representative students from Tokyo Soka junior high and senior high schools. Ms. Chen gave a lot of applause to the welcome speech delivered in English by Ms. Misaki, a senior high school third-year student. During the subsequent question-and-answer session, many students asked questions, such as "Who do you respect?" and "What is necessary to become a world-leading nurse?" Ms. Chen smilingly and carefully answered each one of these questions, while peppering her responses with the Japanese phrase, Shitsumon arigato ("Thank you for your question").