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Tokyo Campus
November 25, 2017

SGH: All students actively engaged in GCP event

On Saturday, November 25, the school conducted the GCP event.
The first-year students created flowcharts regarding environmental issues, using the "jigsaw" technique. They were divided into expert groups, and each group researched the photographs depicting environmental issues and came up with approximately 10 keywords. Then, each jigsaw group compiled the data that each expert group collected and created flowcharts of the seven photographs. All the jigsaw groups cooperated to complete flowcharts and became aware that environmental issues were complicatedly connected with each other and that these issues were attributable to human beings.
The second-year students worked on the theme of "modern conflicts" and studied the current situations and causes. Specifically, they took up the civil war in Rwanda. Using the technique, called "Fishbone," they gained a better understanding of the genocide there and sorted out its causes from four viewpoints. They then had group discussions about how to avoid any repetition of such tragedy. While they were shocked by the video of the civil war, they were able to seriously discuss what they could do in considering the situation.
The third-year students held a Model United Nations, in accordance with the theme of "nuclear disarmament." Each class was divided into 12 fictional countries. All the students served as an ambassador for one country and negotiated over a "Nuclear Test Ban Treaty" and a "Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons." This time, the students only worked on negotiations, but eventually, they will pass resolutions on the treaties in subsequent sessions. Although the students experienced difficulties in dealing with "nuclear disarmament," a challenging subject that the world now faces, every fictional country cooperated to negotiate with each other. The discussions will be very useful for future GCP events.
The students of all grades enriched their understanding of global issues through this very productive event.