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Tokyo Campus
November 25, 2017

SGH: Interim briefing session

On Saturday, November 25, Tokyo Soka Senior High School conducted an SGH interim briefing session in order to present efforts by the school's SGH program.
The session kicked off with the teacher in charge talking about "Language Technology" and various efforts for students to develop thinking power and logical skills. Student representatives then reported on the "GCP event" in which all the students engage, and representatives from the GLP, which is composed of selected students, gave English presentations on their achievements made through various field work under the themes of "Poverty" and "The Environment."

In the meantime, a graduate, who left the school last March and who is now a freshman at Soka University of Japan, reported on his "Final Project" on which he worked during third grade of senior high school. He additionally spoke about the connectivity between Tokyo Soka Senior High School and Soka University of Japan which is also designated as a SGU (Super Global University), referring to his own experience.
To close out the session, Mr. Kiyoshi Murakami (special advisor to the president of Iwate University), who serves as an instructor on SGH operations, delivered feedback on the session. He pointed out the importance of taking action against global issues without dissociating ourselves from such issues, and he expressed general admiration for the highly valuable, active discussions by Soka students involving reflection on humanism.
During the session, there were also poster presentations divided into four booths: "Iwate field work," "Hiroshima field work," "California field work," and "English camp." These poster presentations were enthusiastically received as well.