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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
December 22, 2017

Winter traffic safety class

On Thursday, December 21, the kindergarten held a winter traffic safety class. Two traffic safety instructors from the Toyohira-ku Traffic Safety Promotion Committee visited the kindergarten and gave a puppet play and performed an exercise that relayed to the children ways to safely cross snow-covered streets and the dangers of playing on snow banks adjacent to streets. This class provided a great opportunity for the children to enhance their awareness of traffic safety before a long winter vacation.
In the meantime, the principal stated, "This class is very important to protect your precious life. Stay away from being involved in traffic accidents and enjoy the long winter break."
The second term came to an end with no accidents, and sincere thanks go out to the parents from the kindergarten for their cooperation and kind support. We always wish everyone a happy year-end and New Year holidays.
We look forward to seeing all our cheerful children of the sun in the third term.

Children learning how to safely cross snow-covered streets

Children watching a puppet play and learning about winter traffic safety

Children cheerfully performing a "traffic safety exercise"

Children listening to the principal