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Tokyo Campus
January 9, 2018

Third term starts: Third-term opening ceremony

As 2018 began, marking the 40th anniversary of the school, the children came back to school all smiles, and on January 9, the third term started, capping a great school year.
The opening ceremony kicked off with students cheerfully singing the school's favorite song, With the Founder. Principal Nakagawa of Tokyo Soka Gakuen then said to the students, "Maintain the sense of gratitude that we have cherished during the year and make strides forward in the third term."
Following the principal's remarks, a second-year student representative announced her resolution by stating, "I will work hard on jump rope and on kakizome [calligraphy]."
After the student announcement, the Paris brass band, which took part in the 10th Tokyo Ensemble Contest for Elementary Schools, and other students who received prizes at various contests were awarded and given major applause. In addition, the school announced a donation of 1,500 books from Houyu Circle (an alumni network of Soka Gakuen).
In the meantime, Principal Yamazaki of Tokyo Soka Elementary School told the students to deepen their bonds with their many friends and to cultivate the "heart of compassion" for the year, referring to the message given by the founder at the ceremony to commemorate the 50th anniversary last November.
Before closing the ceremony, New Year's cards were introduced, which were sent from a variety of organizations, such as Sapporo Soka Kindergarten, Soka University, and Beijing No. 1 Experimental Primary School, with which an art exhibition is shared together.