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Tokyo Campus
March 25, 2018

Open-campus event

On March 25, an open-campus event was held at Tokyo Soka Elementary School as cherry blossoms started to appear.

During the event, the school offered trial classes for music and the Japanese language, and many of the visiting children joined these classes. In the music class, the children enjoyed playing instruments and clapping in rhythm to music. In the class for Japanese language, a teacher read a book to the children, who became deeply submersed in the story.

The participants were also given a tour of the school and were shown areas such as the Fairy Tale Lunchroom, Ikeda Memorial Hall, and the library. They also viewed the graduation exhibition in the Royal Lounge.

The next open-campus event is scheduled for May, during which visitors will be able to look around many other places on campus, such as the classrooms for first-year students and the gymnasium. All the teachers and staff look forward to another large turnout.