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Tokyo Campus
March 26, 2018

Open-campus event

On Sunday, March 25, Tokyo Soka Junior High School held an open-campus event. Enjoying fine weather, a lot of guests, including local residents and elementary & junior high school students and their parents, visited the school from across the nation. The school is deeply grateful for such a large turnout. At the auditorium, a welcome reception organized jointly by junior high and senior high schools was conducted with performances by the sokyoku (Japanese harp) club and Tsubasa (wing) chorus club. In the junior high school building, a mini-concert by the brass band club and the sokyoku club was held, while visitors enjoyed playing tennis and participating in the "Waku-Waku (Exciting) English trial class." In addition, many visitors stopped by the consultation booths, where teachers took time providing consultation concerning school life and entrance examinations. Principal Shiota also gave a lecture, titled "Tokyo Soka Junior High School's Education," and talked about the current curriculum and education policy of the junior high school.

The school sincerely appreciates all the guests who took time out of their busy schedules to come to the event.