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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
March 29, 2018

Greetings at the end of the 2017 school year

Following the 42nd graduation ceremony on March 16 and the closing ceremony for the three- and four-year-old student classes on the 17th, the kindergarten is glad to announce that all the events of the 2017 school year came to an end with no incidents. The teachers and staff would like to sincerely thank the parents for their kind support.

Via the Soka Kindergarten survey that was conducted in the third term, we received a lot of warm encouraging words and very helpful opinions for the kindergarten's development. The kindergarten is deeply grateful to all the parents that cooperated with the survey. In the meantime, all teachers and staff underwent a self-assessment regarding their efforts. The kindergarten also received opinions from other concerned individuals, including representatives from the Soyokai, Aien Kai (the parents' association), and Hojukai. We will utilize these opinions and the parents' feedback in the third-party assessment process.

In commemoration of graduation, 88 graduating students (the 42nd student group to graduate) joined their homeroom teachers to create a handprint work of "Glory Rainbow," which is now on display down the rainbow tunnel, in front of the Prince and Princess Hall. In addition, the backdrop on the stage of the Prince and Princess Hall, a venue for the graduation ceremony and the closing ceremony, is an artistic piece, titled "Carnival of a Fairy Castle." This was created through major efforts by the homeroom teachers and vice-homeroom teachers of the three- and four-year-old student classes and other teachers, so as to boost the mood for celebration for the departure of the 42nd student group to graduate, as well as for the advancement of the three- and four-year-old children.

The next school year marks the 43rd anniversary of the kindergarten, and Soka Gakuen continues its journey toward 50 years of operations. All teachers and staff will remain committed to offering Soka's unique form of smile-filled education. With big smiles on our faces, we look forward to seeing everyone at the parent-child school day on April 5, the first-term opening ceremony on the 6th, and the entrance ceremony on the 9th.

Graduation work, "Glory Rainbow"

Backdrop on the stage, "Carnival of a Fairy Castle"