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Kansai Campus
April 9, 2018

Kansai Soka Junior and Senior High Schools’ entrance ceremony

On April 9, the Kansai Soka Junior and Senior High Schools held their entrance ceremony, welcoming the 46th class to enter the schools, which is also the “1st Glory Pioneer Class,” in taking a first step toward the schools’ 100th anniversary.

The new students (212 first-year junior high schoolers and 353 first-year senior high schoolers), dressed in their new uniforms and wearing rose corsages (provided by the founder) on their chests, radiantly entered Ikeda Auditorium. The ceremony kicked off with an announcement about admission with words of congratulations, following which the new student representatives delivered their pledges.

After the presentation of the pledges, a waka (Japanese poem) and the concepts that the founder had relayed were introduced. His waka reflected his thousands of thoughts and reads as follows: Fushigi naru seiki no shimei no gakuensei fukutsu no seishun tsuyoku akaruku ("Soka students with the wonderful missions of the century, shine strongly and brilliantly in your undaunted youth"). The founder also presented the following concepts for guidance: “Open ‘Learning Light’,” “Never-give-up ‘Challenge Light’,” and “Smiley ‘Friendship Light’,” while he expects much for the new students that are starting a bright school life.

Many tri-color flags on the road to school, welcoming the new students

Assigning the new students to classes

Greeting by the welcome committee for the 46th class to enter the school

First homeroom activity

Each new student shaking hands with Director-General Harada

New students with a sense of purpose

Pledge by a junior high school student

Pledge by a senior high school student

Words of congratulation by newly appointed Principal Sugimoto

Welcome performance by the drum & fife band