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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
May 15, 2018

Fairy Alumni Meeting for first-year elementary school students

On the afternoon of May 12 (Saturday), the new first-year elementary school students, who graduated in March this year, visited the kindergarten together with their parents to take part in the Fairy Alumni Meeting for first-year elementary students and a meeting for their parents.

The graduates of the kindergarten enter about 70 different elementary schools, thus some students attend a school without having friends from the kindergarten. During the meeting, the children were all smiles as they met their old friends after a long absence.

While the students were cheerfully playing on the grounds, with playground equipment, and in the Prince and Princess Hall, the teachers and parents held meetings in each classroom. Although time was short, the parents and teachers spent a valuable time filled with laughter and tears, listening to each other talk about how their children worked hard after graduation.

This was the second Fairy Alumni Meeting following the first one held last year. The kindergarten's teachers and staff felt joyous and energetic while interacting with the grown-up graduates and their smiling parents. All the participants spent a very fruitful time.

We look forward to seeing the children even more grown up at the Alumni Meeting scheduled for August.

The kindergarten is deeply grateful to the parents who participated in the event

Children delighted to see their teachers and classmates again

Children cheerfully playing with their old classmates

Parent meetings in each classroom

Children and the principal gathering in the Prince and Princess Hall