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Kansai Campus
May 23, 2018

Guests from the University of Guelph-Humber visit the school

On Tuesday, May 22, Dr. Paul Sherman and students from the University of Guelph-Humber visited the school.

Their purpose was to study "Soka Education" as part of their "Study Abroad Program," which involves overseas field studies on a research theme.

The guests were divided into small groups, and each group was given a tour of the campus led by the Soka students who were selected by lot from among many applicants.

All the student guides, including the first-year students, for whom this was their first guide experience, made extensive use of a tablet-type device and communicated in English.

Following a lunch meeting and the tour of Kibo Hall, a "Friendship Reception" was held at Man'yo (Myriad Leaves) Library.

During the reception, some Canadian students wiped tears away with a handkerchief while listening to a rendition of Haha (Mother) by the Leonard choir, which was very impressive. The participants fully appreciated the phrase, "Music has no borders."

To close out the reception, Soka students sang the school song, while guest students sang the Canadian national anthem, then providing encouragement to each other.

One of the guest students commented, "This visit was the highest point of the events in Japan!"

Although the meeting lasted only a short while, bonds of friendship were forged.

Soka students greeting the guests and providing the campus tour

Campus tour No.1

Campus tour No.2

Tour of Kibo Hall and a "Friendship Reception"

Friendship Reception No.2

Friendship Reception No.3

Friendship Reception No.4

Commemorative photo of all the participants

Farewell meeting

Soka students sending the guests off