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Tokyo Campus
May 26, 2018

Soka University's basic courses for second-year students

On Saturday, May 26, Soka University's basic courses were offered to second-year senior high school students as part of career education. Instructors from Soka University of Japan and Soka Women's College were invited, providing trial classes of each department. The students selected and attended three lectures and thus were able to get an overall picture of the classes of each department such that they could decide their courses more easily. One student, who selected the Faculty of Economics, said, "I thought economics was a very important area of learning. The lecturer talked about different prices of the same commodity. I learned that transaction cost is deeply involved in the price. While the lecture was difficult, it was convincing." Another student, who selected the Faculty of Law, commented, "I learned that scientific analysis and resolution are important to settle conflicts. I would like to study scientific thinking thoroughly at the Faculty of Law." Many participants who attended the lectures of other faculties also could expand their interests, and they all enjoyed very productive basic courses.