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Tokyo Campus
June 2, 2018

Third-year junior high school students go on a study tour to the Sendai/Ishinomaki area

A study tour for third-year junior high school students was conducted for three days and two nights from May 29 to 31. The tour theme was, "Building a dynasty of happiness through winning cooperation!"
On the first day, the students visited a strawberry field in Watari-cho and listened to a talk by Mr. Eikichi Mori, who is president of the strawberry field’s union. The talk focused on how he and his colleagues have been overcoming numerous difficulties ever since when everything was destroyed by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. The students also had a chance to taste the delicious strawberries that had been very earnestly grown by growers in Watari-cho. The students then went to Akiu Otaki Falls and felt the richness of the nature of Miyagi Prefecture. They also made traditional crafts such as kokeshi (wooden dolls) and spinning tops, at Akiu Craft Park.
On the second day, the students studied about the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake in Ishinomaki. In front of the signboard that says, "Ganbaro, Ishinomaki!" ("Hang in there, Ishinomaki!"), they held a moment of silence, offered flowers, and planted dokonjo himawari ("gutsy sunflowers"). After planting, the students were divided into small groups and engaged in field work, led by volunteer storytellers. Following the field work, they had a meeting with some people affected by the 2011 disaster in Fukushima Prefecture and spent precious time learning about a disaster in a rare, hands-on way, right at the actual location, which is a rare chance. At night at the hotel, they had fun holding the Aoba no Yube ("Evening of Green Leaves") event for the 49th student class entering the school, which allowed them to deepen friendships.
On the last day, the students visited the ruins of Aoba Castle and posed for a commemorative photo. They then were divided into small groups and took a walk around Sendai City according to plans that each group had created.
Receiving a tremendous welcome from local residents, the students fully appreciated the warmth of the people living in Miyagi Prefecture during the study tour. We would like to sincerely thank all the relevant persons for their support.