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Tokyo Campus
July 6, 2018

Third-year students create cocoon dolls

During Taiju Time (a comprehensive learning class) (taiju meaning "stately tree"), the third-year students created cocoon dolls using cocoon balls made by silkworms.
The students had carefully tended to the silkworms since they were hatched from eggs as small as a few millimeters. They named each worm, gave mulberry leaves as feed many times a day, and cleaned their cages. All the students took good care of the worms. At the end of June, the worms became pupas and then turned into cocoon balls.
The students carefully picked up the pupas from the balls, and remembering the silkworms they tended, each of the students created their own original doll that was uniquely decorated.
Some students said to their classmates, "If I put this ornament on the head, it will become prettier," or "Attaching this lace made the doll cool!" They exchanged ideas with their classmates and enjoyed making their own dolls.
In the meantime, the students studied the history of silkworms and found that silk farming began more than 1,000 years ago and that the worms had interwoven themselves into the cultures of each country. As the students tended to the silkworms for two months, they learned about the value of life.