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Tokyo Campus
July 6, 2018

Toward "Day of Glory": We Shall Overcome

The students are working hard toward "Day of Glory" on July 17.
Based on the "Challenge book for Tokyo Soka Elementary School’s motto," all students are spending each day making progress toward their goals.
At the "Day of Glory" Commemorative Gathering, fifth- and sixth-year students will perform "We Shall Overcome" so as to make an appeal about the school.
Students first studied the setting for "We Shall Overcome." They learned that "We Shall Overcome" was a song people sang during the civil rights movement to combat racism in the U.S., as well as that the original words, "I will overcome someday," gradually changed into "We shall overcome."
During a practice time, sixth-year students cheerfully sang the song, and then they were divided into groups of four or five people and taught the fifth-year students how to sing, who were singing for the first time. In particular, the students considered what thought should be put into their performance.
Some students presented opinions on the first half of the song such that they would like to sing as if they were praying for peace or that they would like to care more about the harmonization. For the up-tempo latter half, meanwhile, they stated opinions that they would like to sing as if people are coming together, or that they would like to sing bravely.
Students were humming tunes even after they returned to their classroom, which represented their deep feelings for a song that wishes for peace.