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Sapporo Soka Kindergarten
August 20, 2018

Alumni Meeting

The kindergarten hosted the Alumni Meeting for three days on August 6, 7, and 8.
On the morning of August 6 (Monday), the first-year junior high school students (the 36th student class to enter the kindergarten) met each other, while in the afternoon, the first-year senior high school students (33rd student class) came back to their old kindergarten. On the morning of August 7 (Tuesday), the fourth-year elementary school students (the 39th student class) met with their old classmates, and on August 8 (Wednesday), the first-year elementary school students (the 42nd student class) got together. At each of the gatherings, a student representative from each grade gave a presentation during the general reception at the Prince and Princess Hall, after which the graduates had fun answering quizzes. In addition, the Hokkaido Kiraboshi Choir put on a brilliant performance during the meeting of the fourth-year elementary school students. At each gathering, a lot of guests from Soka Gakuen and the Soka University of Japan visited the kindergarten and encouraged the alumni participants.
After the general reception, the alumni spent a fun time chatting with their old classmates and teachers in each classroom.
We look forward to seeing your growth again at the next alumni meeting.

Commemorative photo for all the participants (the 36th student class meeting)

First-year senior high school students getting together for the 33rd student class meeting

Hokkaido Kiraboshi Choir performing at the 39th student class meeting

“Children of the sun, hurrah!” at the 42nd student class meeting