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Tokyo Campus
August 31, 2018

Soka Gakuen holds the “Future Class Series”

On Saturday, August 25, Soka Gakuen held the “Future Class Series” for sixth-year elementary school students and third-year junior high school students looking to enter Soka Gakuen. Following the principal’s remarks and the introduction videos of the junior high school and senior high school on DVD, the participating students had opportunities to attend trial classes in the Japanese language, mathematics, and English.
One participant commented by answering a questionnaire, “I found out how classes proceed at Tokyo Soka Junior High School. I also learned the importance of communicating and cooperating with classmates. Through the trial classes, I reinforced my desire to enter Tokyo Soka Junior High School.”
Another participant stated, “I attended three classes, all of which were fun. The time passed in an instant, so I wanted to attend more classes.”
One of the parents said, “My daughter seemed to really enjoy the trial classes. The classes were based on the active-learning method, which was very nice. I was impressed to know that the classes incorporated the founder’s spirit, such as ‘No one should be left unattended.’” Soka Gakuen would like to thank all the visitors who participated in the event on such a hot day.