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Tokyo Campus
September 20, 2018

"Treasured item" presentation: Japanese-language class for second-year students

During the Japanese-language class, the second-year students introduced their "treasured item" to classmates as part of "Speak and Listen" study.
At the beginning of the class, the teacher asked, "What is your treasured item?" The students then relayed thoughts on their own memorable items, such as baseball cards, dolls, seashells, toy cars, and photographs. Some students could not relay a specific item, saying "I cannot decide because I have too many treasured items." Eventually, however, all the students decided on one item to be introduced based on their experience.
The students then prepared their presentation script, paying attention to composition in the orderly sequence of "introduction, development, and conclusion." Each student wrote about their treasured item, describing "what it is," "what they like about it," and "what memory they have with it," in detail. They also practiced speaking clearly and loudly.
On the day of the presentations, the students introduced their treasured items in unique ways. Some students made a small item bigger via a projector, or put their treasured item in the palm of their hand so as to provide a better view of it, while others got a movable item to actually work. Each presentation surprised and impressed all the classmates.